BYU Students Defend 1st Place Title

12/20/2014 - Nate Baker

BYU's IT students took first place for the second time in a row at the National Information Assurance Training and Education Center at Idaho State University in November. The first place team was comprised of graduate student Steve Christiaens, senior Chandler Newby, and juniors Laura Wilkinson and Sarah Cunha. Each member will receive a $1,000 prize scholarship from the NSA. The Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) involved 10 teams going head-to-head to maintain services, handle injects and defend against a barrage of red-team attacks from professional penetration testers. Students were presented with a national pandemic scenario and were required to keep vital services available and updated throughout the event.

Two other teams from BYU also participated, placing 4th (graduate student Whitney Maxwell, senior Samuel Moses, and juniors Nate Baker and Brenden Abbot) and 5th (graduate student Jon Mercado, seniors Andres Martinson and Ross Woodside, and sophmore Allie Larson). The first place team was congratulated for being the most effective at repelling attacks from the NIATEC Red Team, and the 4th place team received special mention for being that team that had their services most consistently available.

All of the teams are coached by Dr. Dale Rowe, Assistant Professor of IT at Brigham Young University. All CCDC teams are composed of BYU Red and Blue team members, who regularly volunteer to help secure departments across the BYU campus, as well as local businesses.