Girls' Cybersecurity Summer Camp

About the Camp

Our Girls Cybersecurity Camp (GCC) takes place in July and is free for girls age 13 - 18. Dr. Rowe and his team of students organize a week-long series of learning activities designed to introduce various cybersecurity topics. We aim to make each workshop both useful in everyday life, as well as tactile. For example, in 2016 our password security workshop had attendees write a simple password cracker to better understand how computers can be used to attack weak passwords. For our more experienced attendees, an advanced track aims to both entertain and educate. Topics are always varied and diverse, taught by students in the IT program, with mentors always on hand to help out. No prior computing knowledge is necessary. If you can use a tablet or smartphone, you are welcome to sign up!

We held our first GCC in 2015. Nearly 40 girls attended for four days to learn a variety of introductory cybersecurity topics. The camp was open for ages 14-18 and was funded by generous sponsorship donations from Microsoft and Facebook. Pre and post-surveys showed a significant growth in interest with over 80% of attendees wanting to keep learning about cybersecurity.

2019 Camp

You can now pre-register for our 2019 camp here. Tentative dates are July 15-19, 2019

2018 Camp

Our 2018 camp is now underway!

2017 Camp

Our 2017 camp included our largest ever group of attendees and sponsors. 60 young women participated in a variety of cybersecurity workshops, excercises as trainings. As always, each attendee was able to take home their own, customized Raspberry Pi computer along with case, power supply and cables. We are already underway planning for our 2018 camp to be even bigger, better and more fun than before.

2016 Camp

In 2016, our second camp was ambitious! Using a vacant space in the Crabtree Technology Building, a team of students and faculty created a starship experience. Powered by the artemis engine, the scenario involved an onboard saboteur wrecking havoc with the ships systems. In the environment, the girls were faced with a variety of cybersecurity challenges including: Log analysis, scripting and automation, cryptography and physical security. As each team of 8 girls took part in the experience, the remainder of the camp worked on various hands-on workshops and activities in the IT labs. Second year sponsors included Microsoft, Adobe, Fireeye, 3M, Raytheon and Heroic.


  • Q: Where do I sign up?
  • A: With parental permission, potential attendees can sign up here: GCC Sign Up - 2017.

  • Q: Do I need to have taken a course in programming or computer science?
  • A: Nope! We design the camps to be from the ground up. We expect to have an advanced track for those who have taken such classes and are wanting more, but if you are new to cybersecurity you will fit right in with the majority of other attendees.

  • Q: When will I know if I got accepted?
  • A: We will let you know mid-June if you were accepted. We regret we cannot confirm places before this as our enrollment numbers are determined in a large part by our sponsorship and fundraising activities.

  • Q: Is the camp free?
  • A:  The camp is free thanks to our sponsors. This is due in part to the camp addressing the advancement of women in cybersecurity. Our goal is to provide our local community with a needed starting point. As such, this public education is free to encourage high school aged females a chance at this opportunity, enabling all girls to participate, no matter the family income. In addition to an education these girls will be provided with real time contact and talks from professionals whom will be sharing their valuable experiences and advice.

  • Q: Will food be provided?
  • A:  Dinner on Monday will be provided, along with lunch for each day of the camp.

  • Q: Is lodging provided?
  • A: Lodging is not provided.

  • Q: I have more questions, who do I contact?
  • A:  Please contact gcc at if you have any questions.

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