Research Lab

CSRL Area, CTB Basement

The CSRL is located in the basement of the Crabtree Technology Building.  Housing up to 20 students it is modernly furnished and includes a breakout meeting room and soundproofed datacenter.

The CSRL network also provides multipoint redundancy for the IT program.  Isolated from the rest of campus, the CSRL network provides a 10Gbps core and 3 cloud-clusters for student research and learning.  This network was designed by Dr. Rowe and implemented with a group of students to provide a fully software-definable and dynamic network for a variety of cyber-security research projects.  Several projects have made there way into the IT network infrastructre to provide enhanced access to students.  One such project involved reducing 1400 firewall rules to just 3 rules while at the same time significantly increasing the maximum number of connections by creating a multi-protocol reverse proxy.