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State-Wide Cybersecurity CTF

Compete against other Utah students in the first BYU State-wide Capture the Flag Competition

The BYU Cybersecurity Youth Summer Camp Program has provided Utah students with hands-on cybersecurity learning experiences since 2011. A fixture of the camps has been the Capture the Flag Competition. In conjunction with the State of Utah, BYU Cybersecurity Youth camps will be hosting a state-wide Capture the Flag competition. Teachers can sign-up their class to compete against other classrooms across Utah. The competition will be held February 28th through March 4th.


Cybersecurity is a necessary field in this day and age. With the rate of data breaches increasing every year and computers becoming a standard part of the world, securing them from threats and harmful manipulation becomes only more vital as time goes on. However, with technology growing at an exponential rate, the need for security education expands. Additionally, as the complexity escalates, the amount of time necessary to become competent increases as well.
Many are introduced to cybersecurity at college or afterwards as their job may demand it. However, to address this growing demand, there needs to be a way for people to discover the field in their youth. This competition is aimed at showing students a glimpse of cybersecurity and giving them the tools to understand how they can become professionals in the field.

Sign-up steps:

  1. Teacher should register an account at, under the register tab.
  2. They then create a team under the Teams tab, with their team name, school name, and category (Middle School/High School) - Save this information and give it to your students.
  3. Each of the students should register an account at
  4. They then will join a team, using the school team name and password that was created earlier.

Registration Guidelines

For this competition, we are generalizing the brackets to Middle School/Junior High School and High School for simplicity. As such, if you are in 9th grade and attend a Middle School or Junior High School, please sign up under the Middle School bracket. Otherwise, please choose the High School bracket.

If you are a school signing up with both Middle School and High School grade students in your group, please create two school entries as necessary.