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End-of-Semester CTF Winter 2023


(Registrations open April 3rd, 2023)

The BYU Cybersecurity Student Association (CSA) is hosting a digital Capture The Flag (CTF) competition for BYU students of all levels and all majors. CTF competitions are designed to help competitors learn and apply real-world cybersecurity skills, ranging from beginning to advanced challenges.

Who: Any BYU student. (Only current dues-paying members of CSA can win prizes.)

When: April 6th @ 6pm to April 8th @ 6pm, 2023. (Competitors do not need to compete for the entire 48 hours. Competitors can decide how much time to dedicate to solving challenges.)

Where: Anywhere! You can compete from home or on campus.

Why: Have fun, learn Cybersecurity skills, and compete for the chance to win a part of $400 in prizes!

Sign-up: Sign-ups start April 3rd, 2023, on the website. To access from campus wifi, please use a VPN (any vpn works, as long as it routes traffic out of the BYU network).

Events: We have two events for the End-of-Semester CTF!

Help session: On Tuesday, April 4th @ 7pm, our CTF team leaders will be sharing tips and tricks for being successful in the CTF that starts later that week. Come join us in CTB 365!

Award ceremony: On Saturday, April 8th @ 7pm, our CTF team leaders will present a recap of the CTF and hand out awards. Come see the review, some challenge walkthroughs, and see the awards! We can't wait to compete with you!

Questions? Email for more information.